5 Custom T-Shirt Design Ideas

T-shirts were first made popular by Marlon Brando.

custom t-shirt design ideas

He played the dashing, yet controlling, Stanley Kowalski in the 1951 classic “A Streetcar Named Desire.” Today’s t-shirts look very different than the basic white garment Brando sported on screen. T-shirt design ideas are wide-ranging depending on their use and who’s buying them.

Now it’s possible to make and sell custom t-shirts using screen printing technology. As a business who sells custom t-shirts using heat transfers, you have limitless options for unique designs. If you need some inspiration for creating a unique design for your custom t-shirts, check out some of the more common custom t-shirt design templates people use and see if you can add your own personal touch and creativity to take them from basic to exceptional.

5 T-Shirt Design Ideas

Below is a list of some of the most common applications we see for custom t-shirts. Be inspired to create your own unique designs!

1. Couples T-shirts

What better way to show undying love for a partner than matching shirts? There are plenty of ways to go with this option, especially if you incorporate arrows and other funny sayings on the t-shirts. You may write half of a phrase on one shirt and the other half on the partner’s shirt. Add in some symbolism or a romantic font. Couples love wearing shirts that stand out and show they’re together! You can create the perfect gear for a couple to wear to their next happy hour or fun event.

2. Sports Team T-Shirts

Tees are a great fit for almost any sport, from kickball to basketball to flag football. Teams love to hit the court or field in style with custom-made shirts showing off their team pride! Even if they only play casual or pickup games, they love to have matching shirts that bring their crew together.

3. Music T-Shirts

If you’re a huge fan of a certain band or artist or love to stay up-to-date on the current music industry and the artists that people love, create cool designs that their fans would go crazy for. Grab an album cover, particular lyrics or picture of the artist and convert it into a unique design. There are endless possibilities for meaningful designs that will quickly become a popular buy! There’s nothing fans love more than to show off their admiration of their favorite artist(s).

4. Humorous T-Shirts

Everyone can always use a little laughter. Why not supply it to the world using your own custom t-shirt designs? If you have a particularly humorous line or saying that you haven’t seen on a shirt yet, create it!

5. Movie T-Shirts

Movies have been a part of some of the most important moments in cultural history. Whether you’re a Star Wars fan, obsessed with The Godfather series, or have a taste for more obscure flicks, there are few better ways to show off a movie favorite than wearing it! Grab an all-time classic or a popular new movie poster and make something awesome out of it.

How to Get Your Favorite Designs on a Heat Transfer

If you need a quality custom heat transfer company who creates and supplies transfers that bring your t-shirt designs to life, contact us today for more information and to get a quote on your order.

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