5 Design Tips for Custom Heat Transfers

heat transfers for shirtsFashion never goes out of style. In 2015, the apparel market in the U.S. was valued at $359 billion.

With heat transfers for shirts, you can fill your creative heart’s desire without breaking the bank.

Here are 5 design tips for your heat transfers:

1) Use a Reference Image

Whether you want to recreate this exact image onto your shirt or not, a reference image is a must. What kind of style are you looking for? Take to your favorite search engine and pull up some stock images.

Open any simple software and start copy-pasting your favorite images into one document. Creating a mood or inspiration board is essential when creating a design.

Remember to err on the side of caution if you plan to use a found image directly on a heat transfer. Most images are not free for commercial use. Be sure to check each image’s licenses before using them directly.

2) Create, Recreate, Make

There is always more than one way to achieve a design goal. Your first idea may be great, but what about your second? Third? After all, practice does make perfect.

Allowing yourself the opportunity to make and remake a new rendition of a design ensures you have the best possible end result. Be sure to try out multiple ideas before settling on one design.

3) Make a Statement

You don’t want just a heat transferred shirt. You want a shirt that stands out and can make a statement on its own.

Stand out by creating a unique design through different art styles, pop culture references, and even quotes.

4) Simple Heat Transfers for Shirts

Sometimes when it comes to heat transfers for shirts, less is more. Check and recheck your design for messiness. Can your design be understood without a spot here or a line there?

Cleaning up your design can do wonders for its overall appeal and even readability from afar.

5) Placement

The worldwide online art market is estimated to be worth $9.14 billion by 2021. The market continues to thrive and grow because of increased creativity in design and fashion appeal.

Considering where the placement of your design and heat transfer should be is an easy way to stand out from the rest. Whether creating a design for yourself or a client, a unique placement could make your design stand out from the rest.

The most popular locations for heat transfers for shirts include the center of the front and back. Instead of designing for these areas, consider locations like a shirt sleeve, collar, or even lower back for a more unique approach.

Tools of the Trade

Do you have an awesome idea for a design, and even for where on the shirt you want to execute it? Ready to dive into making your first heat-pressed item?

Check out our Beginner’s Guide to Heat Printing for all the tools and the know-how you’ll need.

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