5 Ways to Make a Statement Using Heat Transfers

Custom Heat TransfersThe “Dress of the Year” for 2017 is a t-shirt.

Not just any t-shirt. A $700 Dior plain white t-shirt, with black block print, reading “We Should All Be Feminists”

The look for 2018 is letting your shirt do the talking for you. Shirts don’t always have to shout. It can be as subtle as a single word, a symbol or picture.

While this style isn’t anything new, street celebrities are out to prove that the T-shirt trend is adaptable, current and versatile. You see them styled simply with jeans and sneakers, others paired with velvet suits, midi skirts, and even dresses.

Are you using heat transfers to make your own original tees yet? Read on for more.

Make a Statement with Heat Transfers

Word tees are all the rage. A simple, striking word in block print, without ornamentation or a curlicued phrase with flowers, can be powerful. Be original, be bold, and be willing to experiment.

You don’t need to be a graphic artist, and expensive programs aren’t necessary. In fact, we like the retro-feel of the early 90’s, completely without irony.

Custom heat transfers with a low minimum allow yourself many chances to appeal to shoppers.

Get Artsy

Whether in the public domain or original, art is always popular. Of course, err on the side of caution when it comes to commercial use of public domain art. One of the most popular looks today is a take-off of classic rock album art and concert tees.

Logos of bands and long-lost brands continue to be strong sellers. Get permission if necessary.

Monochrome or color shifting lends a modern touch. Coloring otherwise black and white artwork draws the eye. Transfers allow a sharpness of color and line not available with other methods.

Go Big or Small

Heat transfers can be applied to a whole shirt for large graphic impact. Tiny repeating graphics lend themselves to “secret” ornamentation.

Think about non-traditional placement. A transfer need not be placed at center chest. A back, sleeve or cross-garment is a bold choice.

Get Funny

Kitsch and cartoons are always popular and eye-catching. Transfers allow maximum color without worrying about multiple inks and screen passes.

Original art or public domain, humor always sells!

Insta-Tumblr Famous

Photos and hashtags have great potential as heat transfers, and are good business! Social media has revolutionized fast fashion, with million-dollar businesses made by combining a celebrity photo with a sales link.

Street-style stars wear everything old as new, from Boston-emblazoned concert tees to Kelly Slater shirts and LA84 Olympic logos.


Taking a plain t-shirt and customizing it with your own art or words is a completely accessible way to make a statement. Custom transfers are a fast way to sharp, unique and standout products.

Done right, graphic t-shirt transfers can boost your business. Invest in the right tools and transfers to jump into this fashion trend. Questions or comments? Contact us or comment below.

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