Add to Your Inventory with Screen Printed Transfers

If you have a shop that specializes in a line of products you can appeal to your customers’ interests by creating a line of unique t shirts. Screen printed transfers provide you with a way to introduce a line of custom tees that will be specific to your area of expertise.

Explore the Possibilities

Consider for a moment what your shop is all about. Are you a kitchen shop who appeals to foodies? Are you an entertainment store that sells rare DVD’s or CD’s for music and movies? Do you specialize in wine? Think about your customer base and what would appeal to them either from a humorous standpoint or a more professional or upscale approach. See if you can come up with ideas that will work with your inventory and create a line of tees people will love. For example, if you have a kitchen shop you can start with clichés such as “Kiss the Cook” or food related comments such as “Butter makes everything better”. Movies and Music can use terms such as “I’ve killed for spoiler alerts”. Wine stores can use tees that say “Vintage” or “Better with Age”.

Use Images

There are some great and affordable images available on line and you can look for shots that will suit your business. An elegant, humorous or curious image always works well on a t shirt and screen printed transfers make it easier than ever to get the look you want for very reasonable prices. You are sure to find a number of images that will work well and appeal to your customers.

Get Inspired

You can also use images to inspire ideas. You may see a shot and think of the perfect word, phrase or question to pair with it to create fun, classy or intriguing t shirts. Screen printed transfers can often be created by the supplier making it even easier. It just takes a few good pictures to inspire greatness and you can look beyond just photos and even consider having a friend or colleague with artistic talent sketch a clever drawing of grapes, headphones or a frying pan. You can start with just one simple idea and see how it sells. Simple items drawn with a special flair can suddenly become artistic statements when handled properly.

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