Create and Sell Your Own Iron On Designs

Has there ever been a time when you said something that was just so hilarious or witty that you wanted to write it down? If this seems to occur more on a regular basis for you, you could very well have the potential to start your own business, whether it would be for extra cash on a part time or seasonal basis, an extra revenue stream for your current business, or something you want to try out full time. Creating and selling your own designs can be as simple as white text on a black t-shirt. And learning how to order your iron on t-shirt transfers makes a cost effective alternative to stocking a custom amount of each design in any size.

Design Basics

Creating a product line can start with an order of just one transfer, a heat press, and a stock of t-shirts in different sizes. You have a choice of two types of transfers – plastisol or screen printed. Where plastisol is cost-effective, screen printing is more for a premium product.

  • Transfers will stick best on 100 percent cotton or 50/50 cotton-polyester. They do not stick on polyester, poly/nylon, microfiber, or performance fabrics. Results may vary on hemp or bamboo fiber shirts.
  • Buying a heat press is recommended, since it applies an even amount of heat and pressure to t-shirts, hoodies, and other garments. You will still have to press the wrinkles out first though.
  • You can get colorful and still stay within budget. Color inks are based on the Pantone system, so you will not be stuck with just black-on-white or white-on-black. You can have pink, green, tan, or even florescent colors and metallic effects.
  • Creating artwork for a transfer is not just a matter of throwing one together on a graphics site. The printing company has certain requirements to make a transfer, including file format and dpi (dots per inch). While you can make a mock-up of what you want, getting a professional with Photoshop will ensure you have the best looking graphic.

Go With a Pro

Working with a professional printing company will ensure you receive the best results for your new business. A reputable printing company will be pleased to supply you with samples of their work, a price sheet, a schedule of fees, and willing to answer your questions. With just a few ideas for your first transfers, you can be on your way to a new business in no time.

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