Create Team Spirit with Iron On T Shirt Transfers

Whether you have an actual sports team or want to create team spirit with your staff, iron on t shirt transfers are an affordable way to bring everyone together. You can use t shirts at events or just provide them for people to wear whenever they like. Either way having a t shirt to help keep your teams’ identity top of mind will do wonders.

Sports Teams

Your sports team has a uniform, but having a t shirt that people can wear when traveling together, recruiting new team members or when attending events together will help build a sense of team spirit. You can have t shirts printed easily by providing your team logo and/or slogan to create iron on t shirt transfers. They are affordable and you can also sell them to the team to cover off the costs. People will love having a team t shirt to show off when out and about.

Company Morale

Iron on t shirt transfers can be used to create company t shirts for employees to wear at company events. You can use them for major meetings and encourage staff to wear them when attending conferences and trade shows to raise awareness about your company. Company morale is all about being proud about the business and the work people do for the business that employs them. Providing t shirts for your staff to wear will help keep spirits high and promote your company name.


Your students will look back on their school years with happy memories and a sense of pride for their accomplishments. You can consider having t shirts printed to commemorate each year or just to have available when students are on field trips, participating in events or entertaining as a band or choir. Students can get involved with the artwork for the iron on t shirt transfers as well and you can even run a contest and have students for the design they like best. T shirts can definitely help create a sense of team spirit for your students.

Iron on t shirt transfers are an affordable way to create customized t shirts that will help with team spirit and raise awareness about your team, company or school.

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