You don’t need to be an accomplished artist or a graphics art expert to create logos, illustrations and multi-color designs that can be used to screen print custom heat transfers. You do however need a positive “can do” attitude, a little imagination an a Vector Graphics Drawing Software Program. Vector is a technique rather than a style and it is fun and easy to use. Vector software will allow you to create precise, detailed scalable, layered images that are heat transfer printer friendly. Make a mistake, no worries, vector is easy to edit. There are several vector graphic editors that offer free software or free software trials. Popular vector drawing programs are: Adobe Illustrator, FreeHand, CorelDraw, Xara Xtreme and Serif DrawPlus. You can also download and use an unlimited amount of free vector clipart, graphics ideas, illustrations, images, photos and wall paper from several vector graphics websites. If you would like to start creating your own custom heat transfer designs using vector art there are several helpful online tutorials to help you get on your way. Isn’t it time you stopped paying an arm and a leg for artwork. Why not “Reap The Rewards” by creating custom heat transfer logos and designs for yourself and your customers, your competitors already doing it.

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