Surf The Internet…

The internet has made it not only possible but very easy to find potential customers not only in your own back yard but all over the world. Even if you are not an internet based company, you can still use the internet to find potential customers.

Join A Network Group…

Join a contact network group. There are many types of networking groups to choose from. Which group do you join? It is important to select a well-rounded organization that best fits your business needs and availability.

Word Of Mouth…

One of the easiest and fastest ways to grow your T-Shirt business is with people you already know… previous employers, old customers, business acquaintances, neighbors, friends and family. How many times have you done business somewhere different or tried something new because someone you know told you about it?

Social Media…

Get connected! Share your company information and product photos on Facebook, Gab, Google+ Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Reddit, Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp and You Tube. These social media sites have more than 100,000, 000 registered users.

Give Away T-shirts…

No Brainer…Right! People love free stuff, especially T-Shirts. A cool T-shirt transfer design that contains your logo and business information heat pressed on a promo T-Shirt will help you build your identity and communicate your message. When people wear printed T-Shirts they are walking, talking billboards.

Vehicle Wrap

Turn your vehicle into a 24-7 mobile billboard for your business. The Outdoor Advertising Association reports that a single warp can generate up to 70,000 views per day. Try looking away from a vehicle warp… You can’t!

Promotional Products

Promotional products promote your image, brand and good will.People love receiving anything free and usually will not throw away useful items, that by way can be decorated with screen printed heat transfers, like T-Shirts, non-woven bags and koozies.





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