What Is A Film Positive?

A film positive is an opaque image of your design printed on a transparent sheet of film. You have designed, sized, separated, saved, emailed your output ready art file and placed an order with your favor heat transfers printer, GULFSIDE HEAT TRANSFERS. So what happens next? Our art department must generate a film positive for each color you used in your design. Film positives are necessary because we use a photographic screen stenciling process to burn your design image into our printing screens.

What Is A Screen?

A screen is a piece of polyester mesh stretched over a metal frame. What’s Next? Now it is time to burn (expose) the screens. Each film positive is placed on a separated screen that has been coated with a light-sensitive photo emulsion. The coated screens are burned with an ultraviolet light source. Once the exposing process is completed, each screen is soaked with water and washed out thoroughly in a lighted washout tank. The areas of the screen that were covered by the opaque image on the film positive remain unexposed and will wash away leaving a negative stencil of your image in the screen mesh. After the screens are dried, they are blocked out, taped and sent to the printing department.

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