How to Design a Shirt: 3 Tips for Improving or Creating Your Brand’s Logo

t-shirtsDid you know that Google’s trademark value is $44.3 billion?

That’s right. The combination of six little letters in four different colors is the world’s most expensive logo design.

True, your company’s logo may never achieve the same fame and fortune as Google, but there’s no reason why you can’t create a unique and powerful logo to promote your brand.

Whether you’re starting your business from scratch or you’re in the process of rebranding, t-shirt designs are an excellent place to advertise.

Wondering how to design a shirt that will attract new customers to your business? Here are three expert t-shirt design tips for showcasing your logo on your shirts in a creative way.

1. Do Your Research

Logos worthy of appearing on a t-shirt don’t happen overnight. The world’s most recognizable logos are the result of lengthy brainstorming sessions.

Yours should be no different. Research not only the history of your trade but also research what your competitors have done with their branding. What’s working and what isn’t?

Try doing a “brain dump” of every word or image you can think of that’s related to your business. Jot them all down on a piece of paper, or use index cards or Post-It notes to make a collage.

This fresh perspective could give you the creative spark you’re seeking.

2. Wordmark or Icon?

Your next decision to make is whether your logo should be a wordmark (letters only) or an icon (image only), or a combination of both.

FedEx, for example, is simply a wordmark, while Apple uses only an icon. Mastercard and Target use a combination of the two, proving that any of the above work.

If you’re leaning towards a wordmark, how will you use colors and fonts to make your logo memorable and eye-catching? Don’t simply choose your favorite color or a popular font–dig deeper and match these elements to your unique brand.

If you select an icon, is it simple and recognizable on its own? If you’re considering a combination, does it look too cluttered or crowded?

Whichever you choose, make sure it will scale up or down to fit stylishly on a t-shirt. It should be readable or recognizable from a distance without being too “loud.”

3. Think Outside the Box

Just because you own a bookstore doesn’t mean you need to include a book in your logo.

If you’ve seen a dozen other companies use the same cliched icons and imagery, avoid following the crowd. You should also avoid using clip art or other pre-designed images–there are sure to be many others using the same thing.

If you’re stumped on a unique icon idea, remember that the world’s biggest companies use icons that aren’t even related to their product. Nike uses a swoosh symbol, not a pair of sneakers. And Starbucks uses a mermaid logo that has nothing to do with coffee.

Yet, when you see each of those logos, you know instantly what they are. Your goal is to achieve the same brand recognition when you print your logo on a t-shirt.

How to Design a Shirt with Your Logo: Now You Know

As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into creating an attractive (and profitable) logo.

Now that you know the importance of a memorable logo and how to design a shirt that showcases it creatively it’s time to put your design to heat transfer paper so you can advertise it on your garments!

Once you have the perfect design in mind, contact us for a custom quote of the quantity and style of heat transfer you’d want to print your design on. We look forward to hearing from you!

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