How to Market Your Business Using Promotional Shirts

Reaching out to your target market can become harder and harder. People are busy, tired, and have less tolerance for advertisements. Clever and attention-grabbing marketing however can go a long way. Here’s how you can use promotional shirts to market your business:

    • Ask your staff to wear themProvide your staff with shirts printed with your company logo and name, says the Houston Chronicle. Wherever your employees go, whether they are heading to work or going home, their shirt will instantly turn them into a walking billboard, which helps to promote a business in many ways. Also, since shirts last much longer than posters, brochures or flyers, this means you can expect the shirts to contribute to promotional efforts longer than posters and brochures will.
      • Give them out
        Want to establish and improve on brand awareness and recognition? Give out free shirts to your target market. People love freebies, and this can help kick-start interest in your brand. If you have poor traffic, this can help improve the number of your visitors, which will in turn improve your conversions and sales.
      • Sponsor an event
        Taking part in activities in the local community can also help you gather positive publicity for your business. Sponsor an event and give out shirts with your company’s logo. It is a more subtle but effective way to market your business.

Creating your own promotional items

You will need to obtain the right tools and inventory to do this, but investing in heat transfers for t shirts can save you a lot of time and money because you can create your own promotional shirts. The following are a few of the advantages of ordering heat transfers and applying them yourself:

  • Access
    It is easier to make changes and add to your inventory when you have your own heat transfers. You do not have to continue ordering with a printing company every time you need a new item because you can just apply it right on the spot.
  • Control
    Having your own heat press and applying heat transfers gives you more control over your inventory costs. Because you control everything from your end, you can pick the shirts you want to promote on and save on the application and setup costs of another printing company.
  • Flexibility
    Delays cost your business money. If you regularly print out shirts for a ton of marketing purposes and promotional events and the shirt printing company is often late, you can now take matters into your own hands by buying heat transfers for t shirts and producing the shirts yourself. This way, you can always expect a fast turn-around time.

Promotional shirts can boost your business if you do it right. Invest in the right tools and equipment to save on time and money, and contact us at GULFSIDE for more details.

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