How to Properly Choose Iron on T-Shirt Transfers

It may seem like common sense, but more often than not people have difficulty knowing how to properly choose their iron on t-shirt transfers and/or properly applying them. The first thing that people should know is that there are specific transfers made for dark and light fabrics. The color of the t-shirt that you are customizing will aide in choosing which type of transfer will be the best to invest in.

For Light Fabric

The light fabric iron on t-shirt transfers are ideal for lighter fabrics, especially white t-shirts. The unique thing about the light iron on t-shirt transfers is that the actual paper is transparent meaning that the background of the desired image will be clear so it does not mess up the t-shirt. The best way to ensure that the chosen image will pop and look great on the t shirt after transferring, is to ensure that bright and bold colors are used on these types of iron on t shirt transfers, you do not want the colors to get swallowed by the color of the t shirt.

For Dark Fabric

When purchasing a t-shirt that is a solid dark color, it is imperative to purchase iron on t-shirt transfers that are specifically made for dark fabrics. These particular iron on t-shirt transfers are not see through, but opaque and white whilst being made of thicker transfer paper. The major downfall of these types of iron on t-shirt transfers is that you have to be careful when cutting out the design to ensure that the white background is not transferred over onto the t-shirt itself.

Difference between Iron on T-Shirt Transfers and Heat Press Transfers

The major difference between heat press transfers and iron on t-shirt transfers is the finished product, how it looks and feels. One can easily tell what was used to create the t-shirt. With iron on t-shirt transfers, the image itself will feel raised and somewhat rubbery while the heat press transferred t-shirts will feel smooth and professionally done. Heat presses are a great investment if someone is looking into starting a t-shirt business or create their own t-shirts often. They are certainly worth the money invested in them and will pay for themselves quickly.

Depending on what you are looking to do will help determine what should be purchased in the t-shirt transfer world. Many different techniques and tools can be utilized in order to create a unique t-shirt that will be different from everyone else’s.

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