Hot Peel & Elasti-Soft® Ink Color Chart

Slight color variations are likely to occur between the website color swatches and our actual heat transfer ink colors. The Pantone (PMS) number below each swatch will provide better color accuracy and will match our standard ink colors closer than the website color swatches. If you do not own a Pantone (PMS) Formula Guide we recommend you purchase one.
Gulfside Heat Transfers Ink Color Chart

Color names shown with a dot, indicate colors that will require the use of our specially formulated UNDERBASE WHITE to maintain color brilliance and maximum opacity. Under base white counts as (1) ink color.

Fluorescent Heat Transfer Inks are not opaque and do not maintain their color brilliancy or releasability when they are backed with underbase white ink. Fluorescent Transfers look best when applied on white or light garment colors (only).

HEAT TRANSFER ink colors not found on the GULFSIDE color chart can be mixed for $15.00 per color.(A Pantone Solid Coated PMS Number is required for mixing/matching desired ink color/s.)

Color Changes within the run are $15.00 per color.

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