Niches do not exist… Say what! Niches are created by identifying marketing voids, customer wants and needs and identifying customers that are receiving poor service or no service at all.

Using custom screen printed Elasti-Soft® professional grade plastisol heat transfers for all of your decorated garment orders is one of the most versatile and cost effective ways to fulfill most if not all of your customers needs. Elasti-Soft® transfers can be applied on just about any garment that will fit on your heat transfer press.

Elasti-Soft® transfer inks are formulated to adhere to high-tech polyester, polyester mesh jerseys with ventilation holes, poly/cotton blends, 100% cotton and non-woven fabrics. Elasti-Soft® transfers provide superior elasticity, durability and opacity – they won’t crack, peel or fade.

Think outside the box! It’s important to find your niche, otherwise you’ll be trying to sell to anyone or everyone, but more often that not you’ll find yourself spinning your wheels and selling to no one. Do your homework and develop a game plan, then you can create your own niche!

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