Outfox Your Competition Before They Outfox You!

Are you as clever as a fox? In today’s dog eat dog business world, it is extremely important to outfox your competition before they outfox you! If you want to stay ahead of the curve, here are seven simple and ethical ways to gain and/or keep your competitive edge.

• Stalk the competition. Regularly visit your competitor’s website, online store and in-store location.

• Follow your competition on Twitter and Facebook

• Subscribe to your competitors’ newsletters and promotional mailings.

• Post happy customer testimonials. Positive customer testimonials is a powerful way to gain            credibility, increase your social media traffic, and boost sales.

• Offer monthly specials. You know your customers best. Make them an offer they can’t refuse! Offering a monthly special is a great way to increase existing sales and new business.

• Use the right bait. Bait new customers with first time buyer programs, deeper discounts, special offers and/or giveaways. Do what works best for your business without breaking the bank. If you use the right bait, they will bite!

• Host an open house for your business. Hosting an open house is fun and a great way to showcase your business! FYI… Do not scrimp on the food!

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