Are you an Artist or someone who likes to drawing in their spare time? Do people ooh and ah at your ability to create printable, original artwork. Maybe you have the gift of gab or have a nose for business. Given the opportunity, could you sell ice cubes to an Eskimo?

Have you dreamed of owning your own business? Your dream of working for yourself and being your own boss may be closer than you think… Really! If you possess any of the above talents or you’re an entrepreneur, looking for a new business venture, why not start-up a Custom T-Shirt Decorating Business using custom screen printed plastisol heat transfers.

Decorating T-Shirts with screen printed plastisol heat transfers is a simple, fast, no mess-no stress inexpensive way to start your very own Custom T-Shirt Decorating Business. Basically all you need to get started is a business tax identification number or resale certificate, an account with Gulfside Heat Transfers, an account with one or more T-Shirt distributors, an “America Made” heat transfer press, a small work space, a computer and phone, business cards, invoices, a business facebook page, an enough start-up money to purchase the transfers and garments required to fill you initial orders.

Gulfside Heat Transfers professional grade transfers are Proudly Made In American! Our Elasti-Soft transfers can be applied on any color any garment color and are ideal for application on polyester, polyester mesh jerseys with ventilation holes, poly/cotton blends, 100% cotton and non-woven fabrics. Our “Hot Peel” transfers are opaque and can be applied on 100% cotton and 50/50 blends.

Food for though…It’s never to soon or late to start – if you can dream it, it can be done!

If you have questions about heat transfers, we have your your answers! Please contact our Sales Department at: (727) 862-1960 or Email Us!



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