Plastisol Heat Transfers: What are they?

Heat transfer printing isn’t a new concept. Custom Iron On Transfers have been utilized by both hobbyists and industry professionals for years to apply in-depth designs to a number of products. The process is clean, simple, adaptable, as well as repeatable for anybody who has a heat press and image already applied to the heat transfer paper.

What’ll make plastisol heat transfers different is the way they’re made. Special plastisol ink, a mix of suspended PVC plastic and pigment, is screen printed on transfer paper to make the image desired. Unlike a traditional heat transfer, which often is produced utilizing commercial inkjet printers, this process of screen printing imparts a transfer with all of the detail of direct printing applications, yet provided the end user the flexibility to apply a transfer to the finalized garment wherever and whenever they want.

Because plastisol transfers have to be created with screen printing methods, they can’t merely be printed like additional transfers. Instead, they may be ordered from Gulfside Heat Transfers who have the equipment and expertise to make them. You can order the screen printing process, yet retain complete control of the final design application. This process has experienced a good amount of popularity it’s become more widely in demand.

Using Custom Iron On Transfers will mean customized printing operations may avoid the time and cost needed to produce screens. Instead, our transfer company will take on the responsibility of film production, emulsion coating, ink application, screen burning, and screen registration which have often within the past led to time delays, substantial costs in misprinted orders or additional hiccups in the long process.

Transfers Assist in Keeping Clients Happy

Plastisol heat transfers now permit sellers to keep design elements available and merely apply them in the correct configuration as ordered. Additionally, the capability of ordering transfers in amounts as low as 8 or ten means that smaller runs now can be created a lot more cost effectively and efficiently.

Screen printing will remain a viable method for less-complex, larger projects and continually will have a place within any full-service garment company’s business model. To meet a client needs, it is important that you provide as many choices as you can, and each distinct method results in an item with its own unique feel and look.

As new alternatives for Custom Iron On Transfers continually are refined, however, it is important that sellers stay open to expanding all of their offerings. Plastisol transfers are proving their worth as viable alternatives for a massive percentage of modern-day customized printing needs.

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