Screen Printed Transfers: What are they?

Put plainly, screen printing (occasionally referred to as “silk screen printing”) will use a sequence of stencils in order to decorate a substrate.

What is the screen printing process?

Custom Screen Printed Transfers (additionally referred to as plastisol transfers) are images which have been screen printed on release paper. Rather than being screen printed directly onto a t-shirt or additional item, the design will be printed onto transfer paper, and applied using a heat press. A screen printed transfer may be multi or single-colored, and heat applies within seconds to any variety of items, such as caps, jackets, shorts, sweatshirts, and t-shirts.

Advantages of screen printing

Even though Custom Screen Printed Transfers will use the same processes and inks as other kinds of screen printing, the usage of transfers holds a multitude of benefits.

Print on Demand – A transfer is excellent for events in which you’re uncertain of how many shirts are going to be sold. A garment does not need to be printed until it’s sold; therefore, there will be no leftover printed items.

Last-Minute and Fill-In Orders are Simple – A screen printed transfer allows an inexpensive method to be prepared for fill-in last-minute orders. Last-minute additions and replacement shirts will not be an issue.

Quality – Custom Screen Printed Transfers are as durable as direct printed garments and will often offer better-appearing results.

Save Money and Time – Gang sheets that feature more than a single image on the exact same sheet assist in making transfers even more economical, more specifically for caps, sport league sponsors, and heart-sized prints.

Provide Better Customer Service – Unlike screen printing which is traditional and all shirts are required to be printed at the same time, transfers are able to be printed as the merchandise arrives. If the shirt is on back-order, it is still possible to print the remaining order and finish in seconds as the back-order shirt(s) comes in.

Order a customized screen printed transfer today!

We are thrilled that you have landed on our Custom Screen Printed Transfers site. From the stretchable nature to the soft feel of the transfers, we provide high quality. Prior to beginning your order, be sure to check out the details of our pricing and turnaround times. Once you are ready, select between Multi-Purpose Transfer, Fool Proof Low Temp, or Fool Proof Transfer to make sure you receive the ideal style to match your individual requirements.

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