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Do You Want Your T To Stand Out From The Crowd?

Ever since someone started making the first custom T-shirts, the race has been on to become the seller of the next hot T-shirt with a design on it that no one else is wearing. Given the fact that just about everyone wears a T from time to time and we all have a few with custom designs on them, being unique with is a pretty tall order.

Custom Heat Transfer Printing

You can always use the latest trends out there for design ideas. Or take advantage of hot news stories. If you’re paying attention, you should never run out of ideas for your T-Shirts.
You can even take a look at what the competition is doing and see where you can make improvements. Add your own custom look to the hottest selling designs.

Designing and Heat Press Transfer Printing

Computer graphics can be a complicated subject. You can even enroll in college courses to learn how to do it. But, with the average home PC and a relatively basic graphics program, almost anyone can come up with a unique design that is sure to sell.
However, being able to create a good design, doesn’t get you a finished product you can sell. Creating a winning design is only the first step in the process of getting your shirts out to the market.

You will need to get some quality shirts to do your printing on, remember, buying in bulk will get you a good price on shirts. Those getting the best deals on shirts are buying them by the hundreds and thousands. The more you buy, the less you will pay per shirt. Once you get the shirts, you still need to pay for your designs to be applied, so keep that cost in mind when selecting your shirts and agreeing to your prices.

Now, you could have all your shirts pre-printed and sitting around in various colors and sizes that may or may not sell. Or, you can just use Custom Heat Transfer Printing. A transfer manufacturer will take your artwork and print it onto a special release paper to give you a transfer. The transfer can be applied to your shirts with a heat press. This allows you to print on demand the shirts you need. You only need to keep stock of your transfers. They can be applied to any color shirt, in any size. This makes inventory very efficient. By not being overstocked with colors or sizes that don’t sell in a particular design. You can sell the designs and let the customer choose the color and size that they want. This is why so many businesses are now using Custom Heat Transfer Printing.