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The Three People You Will Need For Your Customized T-shirt Project

If you are the organizer for a small social group or sports team looking for a few T-shirts that identify you all. Or, maybe, you are just an individual who rather fancies a special T-shirt that is unique to him or her. Obtaining the shirts, without spending a small fortune for each of them, has never been easier, even in the case of a “one-off” T.Heat Transfer Manufacturer

But, You Will Need Help

Assuming that you have access to a computer that has, at least, a basic graphics program installed on it, you should be able to take care of your customized design artwork. However, you will also need:

1. To buy the shirt(s), plain, unprinted T’s in any color of your choice. Any clothing store or hypermarket can help you with this. Obviously, you will have to tell them the size(s) and basic style(s) for the shirts.

2. To buy something known as a heat transfer press. You can pick one up on the internet for a few hundred bucks. Unless you have thoughts about setting up a small customized T-shirt shop you don’t need to spend more.

3. With items 1 & 2 to hand, the only other purchase is the transfers. For that, you need to find a Heat Transfer Manufacturer.

When it comes to seeking out the Heat Transfer Manufacturer, you might be surprised to find out how many online companies sell them. However, like all things, the products from each of the many transfer manufacturers are not all identical. Pricing can a factor of course, as long as you are comparing apples to apples (after delivery charges have been factored in). And of course, delivery times and customer service are really important. But, if you want quality results for your customized shirt(s), you should delve a little deeper into the website of any Heat Transfer Manufacturer to get an idea on the quality of their transfers. Look into things like:

  • Do they offer assistance with design?
  • Do they use the latest, professional quality release papers?
  • Do they offer a wide selection of colors?

You have to remember that a print transfer is a “use once only” item. You will need a transfer for each shirt. Also, if you want a design across the chest of the shirt, a small logo on the shirt’s arm and a name across the back, you need to be sure all of it fits on one transfer. Get it all right and you or your group will be wearing great looking T’s in no time.