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Calling Voluntary Club Or Group Officers; Have You Tried Heat Transfers for T Shirts?

I like taking part in activities organized by like-minded individuals; usually this involves some form of sport but it can also include hobbies and even things like music appreciation. You get together with others to share common interests and, particularly in sport, have someone to play with or against (solo tennis isn’t much fun). I belong to several of such organizations and find they have a few things in common – the number of active members in the group is relatively small (minimum of two obviously; but maximum rarely more than 30); there is always a shortage of funds and it can be difficult to get people to volunteer to join the (unpaid) organizing committee. I will now confess my weakness – I get talked into joining far too many committees.

Heat Transfers for T Shirts

The Club Or Group T-Shirt

Every small club wants one; most small clubs cannot afford one, and the members want several designs to be available for different aspects of the group activity as well as to mark significant dates or events. I was “volunteered to organize the T-shirts for a sort of social running club (actually, all its members are of that age where our jogging resembles a walk). The sport is internationally known by the name of “Hash House Harriers”; HHH for short; there are almost no rules but, once a week members turn up in “uniform” (i.e. a T-shirt that MUST have some sort of HHH identification marked upon it). Someone has gone out ahead and marked out a route for a “run/walk” of between 1 and 2 hours duration and the rest of us have to find the “trail” that has been marked out. Afterward, we drink beer for refreshment and then go somewhere for a meal – all the time wearing our HHH shirts.

My job was to make sure there was a supply of these tees that members could purchase at a low price. At that time; around 15 people were turning up regularly; but, when I approached a local company that specialized in printing designs on all sorts of clothing; not only did they quote me a high unit price; but, they also wanted a minimum order of 50.

When I relayed this news at our next meeting someone spoke out and said – “what about Heat Transfers for T Shirts?” and he wrote down a URL for me. There was also a word of warning; the club will need to buy a heat transfer press to put our custom designs on shirts. Even with that cost, it was the most efficient process for us long term. We could make shirts as needed. To cut a long story short; it worked out fine. I found the online transfer supplier to be good at design, reasonable on price, reliable and with a speedy delivery time for top quality Heat Transfers for our T Shirts. With our own transfer press, we can now offer members a change of “uniform” 3 or 4 times a year; each at a price they can afford.