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The Benefits of Using T Shirt Heat Transfers

One of the most popular processes used in making graphic t shirts is the heat transfer method. The use of heat transfer is a perfect way to print on site and is great for producing a small number of graphic t shirts in a relatively short amount of time. Many people use the heat transfer method because it allows for on-demand printing of their graphic t shirts. In most cases, graphic t shirts that are produced by screen printing need to be ordered in very large quantities. The following are a few of the many benefits of using T Shirt Transfers.

The Benefits of Using T Shirt Heat Transfers

Easy to Use

One of the biggest benefits associated with t shirt transfers is that it is very easy to use even for beginners. All you need to create a successful graphic t shirt with the transfer method is a heat press, which is relatively inexpensive to purchase. Heat presses are also very small, so you do not have to worry about taking up to much space in your shop. You will be able to use the transfer method on various parts of the shirt, such as the sleeves or collar, in order to create a more unique look to your designs.

Far Less Mess

Another benefit of using the transfer method on your graphic t shirts is that it produces far less mess than the screen printing method. In most cases, the screen printing method involves using various dyes and solvents, which can be quite messy. Using the transfer method also ensures that your shirts will not be damaged due to staining from chemicals or dyes. If you are looking for an easy way to produce high-quality graphic t shirts easily and quickly, then using heat transfers is what you need.

Affordable Quality

Many new t shirt designers use the heat transfer method because it produces high-quality images without having to spend a lot of money. Screen printing is a very labor intensive and expensive process that in most cases produces less than stellar results. Generally, shirts made by screen printing will tend to have a very rough exterior, which can hurt your business.

For a small business owner looking to make great graphic t shirts, using the heat transfer method is the only logical answer. Be sure that the transfers that you use are printed on high-quality paper because this will ensure your graphic t shirts will be aesthetically pleasing and durable.