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If You Customize T-Shirts, Where Do You Buy Your Heat Transfers?

Today’s T-shirt is a really ubiquitous garment. Young or old, male or female, just about everyone owns several T-shirts. Plain unadorned ones that are worn to work in many fields of employment, or simply worn at home while performing chores. This was the original mainstay of the market for T-shirts and large numbers of this type are still being made and sold today.

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Basic T-shirts

Undershirts have been around a long time but were either never seen or were only openly worn by industrial workers. In 1889, the US Navy issued an undershirt to sailors that were, possibly, the origin of today’s T-shirt shape. However, T’s remained functional garments that, let’s face it, were neither glamorous nor fashionable.


When the T-shirt market took off in the 1950’s, it was largely thanks to Hollywood. First, everyone wanted to copy the T-shirt clad Marlon Brando as he appeared in ”A Streetcar Named Desire”. Secondly, a company in Miami started selling T-shirts with pictures of Disney characters printed on them. T-shirts had become both fashionable and attractive to look at. As a result, stores carrying a general range of garments to suit all ages and both sexes are almost certainly going to include a range of T-shirts.

A Competitive Market

Such is the popularity of T-shirts stores selling them are constantly seeking ways to make their T-shirts stand out above the others. Ideally, when selling T-shirts, you will be looking for a design that is unique to your store. There is not a lot that you can do with the material and general shape because major changes there will result in a garment that is not a T-shirt. Basically, you are left with the T’s color and any design that is printed on it.

Unique Designs

Having a wide variety of designs is key to keeping sales up. But keeping a large inventory of T-shirts is not an easy task. It’s costly and takes up a lot of floor space. You would need to have a variety of sizes for each design on hand at all times. Not to mention the different styles and colors. This at times can really limit your inventory.

Heat Transfers

With heat transfer printing, your unique designs are printed onto a special release paper which you then place onto the shirt and put them both into a heat transfer press. Under heat and pressure, the design is permanently transferred onto the T-shirt.

This means that you can just keep your basic shirt sizes and colors on hand. Then have heat transfers ready to be pressed on to those shirts. You only need floor space for your basic shirts. The heat transfers would take very little space and you can have a large variety of them. The transfers can be applied to different color and size shirts. Making sure you have inventory for every customer.

By using Wholesale Heat Transfers, you make the best use of your retail space and sales capabilities.