Decorating garments with heat transfer designs has become increasingly popular among major athletic apparel manufacturers, name brand clothing companies and textile screen printers.

Embroidery businesses can benefit by adding an “American Made” professional heat transfer press to their business. Decorating T-Shirts and garments with Gulfside Custom Screen Printed Plastisol Heat Transfers is a great way to expand your service offerings and increase your bottom line.

Gulfside Custom Screen Printed Heat Transfers are very cost effective and are perfect for on-site application. A small work area is all you need to setup and operate a 16 inch x 20 inch “American Made” heat transfer press.

The cost of outsourcing your screen printing orders can be astronomical and very time consuming. If you printer is supplying the garments for your orders you’re probably losing a large portion of the markup profit.

Gulfside Custom Heat Transfers are easy to use, application training is not required. If you need help selecting the right heat transfer press for your business, need more information about our heat transfers or would like a free sample pack of “America’s Best” screen printed plastisol heat transfers for evaluation, please contact us. (727) 862-1960 or fill out our online contact form

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