Hot Peel Transfer Troubleshooting

Problem Reason Solution
Heat Transfer will not adhere to the T-Shirt or Garment Not enough dwell (pressing) time

Not enough (PSI) pressure

Heat platen temperature is set too low – below 375° or 190.5°

Moisture in T-Shirt or Garment

Defective bottom pad

Dirty heating platen

Increase dwell (pressing) time

Increase (PSI) pressure

Increase platen temperature

Pre-press T-Shirt or Garment before applying Heat Transfer

Replace with factory pad and adhesive

Clean platen with nonabrasive non- corrosive cleaner

Blow through-Transfer ink is going through the back of the T-Shirt or garment and is printing or ghosting on the pad (PSI) pressure is to high Reduce (PSI) pressure and or Place a Teflon™ sheet inside the T-Shirt or Garment
Opaque Heat Transfers are not Opaque on 50/50 T-Shirts or 50/50 Garments (HOT!) Heat platen temperature setting is too high

Dwell (pressing) timer is set for too much time

Pressure (PSI) is set too high

Reduce platen temperature

Reduce dwell (pressing) time

Reduce (PSI) pressure


Heat Transfer applications can vary depending on:

  • The type of Heat Transfer you are using
  • The Heat Transfer manufacturing process
  • Types of T-Shirts and Garments
  • Brand type and condition of your Heat Transfer press
  • Climatic condition of your printing area

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